H I G H - T E C H . F I R E F I G H T I N G

Lithi um-ion batteries are becoming more and more powerful – but it’s a different story when it comes to standard fire extinguishers.

The innovative XBAG makes what was previously inconceivable possible: quickly and easily extinguishing battery fires.

Open the XBAG

Release the catch and fully unroll the bag.

Put on the gloves

Protect yourself using the enclosed safety gloves.

Extinguish the fire

Spray the extinguishing agent into the fire until the fire has been extinguished.

Place the device into the bag

Store the extinguished device inside the XBAG for safety reasons.

Cool down the device

Spray the device inside in the bag if necessary using the fire

Close the XBAG

Firmly press the Velcro fastener together and store the XBAG in a safe location.